As you may know, we have temporarily closed all EVO® venues as we stand beside our communities in flattening the curve & slowing the spread of COVID-19

While these are uncertain times, we remain firmly committed our EVO® Family with neither pay nor benefits disrupted for any EVO team member in these coming weeks. Furthermore, we remain committed to our communities... doing all that we can to spread positivity and cheer throughout this trying period in history.

It is in the spirit of that commitment that we announce EVO® Drive-In! Our incredible team-members have demonstrated remarkable ingenuity by temporarily converting our venues into "pop-up" drive-in movie theaters. It is our hope that this initiative will provide our communities an opportunity to get out of the house and enjoy the magical nostalgia of drive-in movies, from the comfort and safety of their own vehicle. 




This initiative is entirely for the enjoyment of our communities, therefore, we will not be charging any admission fee! However, we would sincerely appreciate it if guests could help us support our incredible team-members by purchasing 

food & beverage to enjoy during the show. 

As we are limited in parking spaces, availability will be limited to approximately 200 vehicles per showing. Please RSVP here to guarantee admission.


We have heard some concern regarding potential contact with food delivery. Please rest assured that there will be no contact involved in this process. Both ordering & payment will take place from within your own vehicle, via a custom mobile ordering interface that we have built specifically for this purpose. We will not be accepting cash payments. Upon receipt of your order, a runner wearing nitrile gloves will deliver your order to the driver-side door. Please do not open your door to retrieve your order until our runner is outside of 10 feet from your vehicle. If you do not feel comfortable placing a food order, there is no obligation. However, we have included an option within the mobile app to donate an amount of your choice. All donated proceeds will go towards supporting our incredible team members through this difficult time.


Guests will be permitted into our venues to use the restroom in groups of no-more than 10 at a time. Should a line form at any time, we have placed measured social - distancing indicators on the ground and floor to ensure all parties in line maintain 10-feet of separation.. a similar process to what you may have encountered at your local grocery stores recently. Additionally, we have temporarily disabled our air-dryers and stocked all restrooms with disposable hand-towels to prevent any enhanced risk of spreading germs. Furthermore, our team will thoroughly sanitize all hand-contact surfaces with medical grade disinfectants to ensure your safety. Use of the restrooms will be the only time guests will be allowed to enter our venues at this time.

lawn chairs

While we certainly understand that sitting outside of your vehicle at  a drive-in movie  is common (and a great time), it presents an enhanced risk of unnecessary contact. Therefore, we ask that all guests remain within their own vehicles throughout their time with us, other than to visit the restrooms. We will have to ask anyone who chooses to exit their vehicle to leave. Please help us safely spread some positivity within our communities!

projection & sound

Many of you have expressed interest in how the technical aspects of this initiative will work. Admittedly, most of those details lay within the super-smart minds of our incredible presentation team. However, we sat down with them to get the cliff notes for you!


We will be using a high-gain white paint to transform the exterior walls of our venues into massive drive-in screens, and have built custom platforms for our existing cinema projectors to project onto them. Sound will be transmitted directly to your vehicles via FM transponders, and received through your existing FM/AM radio.