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Do you serve food & drinks?

Yes we do! Food ordering & payment takes place via a custom mobile ordering interface that we have built specifically for this purpose. We do not  accept cash payments at this time. Once we receive and make your order, a runner wearing a mask and nitrile gloves will deliver your order to directly to your vehicle. To learn more, or order now click here.

Can I bring my own food & drinks?

Outside food & beverage is strictly prohibited. Ordering food from our kitchen allows us to continue providing affordable experiences to our communities, and keep our incredible team members working.  We reserve the right to confiscate outside food & beverage and/or remove guests who disregard this policy from the event without a refund. 

Are there Restrooms?

Yes! Guests are more than welcome to use the restroom inside of our building. permitted into our venues to use the restrooms. Guests must wear masks and have their temperature screened when entering our building. 

Can we sit outside of our car?

You may sit outside of your car, however, guests must practice proper social distancing and stay within their own space to 

maintain comfortable physical distancing between parties. When delivering food, our team members will remain a minimum of 6-feet away. 

How do I hear the sound?

Sound for both the films, and the Q&A sessions is transmitted through your vehicles FM radio. Tune to FM 89.3 for sound. 

How do I buy merchandise?

Merchandise is available for purchase through the same online platform from which food and drinks are ordered. Just as with food and drinks, we will deliver your order to your vehicle. To learn more, or shop now click here.

Can I take a photo or get an autograph? 

Yes! Guests may take a professional photo with and get autographs from our celebrity guests. These experiences are available for purchase here.

Can can I find my photo?

Photos will be uploaded to an online gallery, as well as our official facebook page ( @evocinemas) for download. A notification will be sent to the email addresses of all those who purchased photos when the upload is complete, and will provide the download link.  All photos will be taken by our photographer. To stay germ-free and keep our team-members safe, we will not handle individual cameras or cell-phones. 

What if I missed my photo/autograph time-slot?

Please pay close attention to your time-slot, and do not arrive late. In order to run a great event while keeping everyone distant and safe, we are unable to accommodate no-shows. Guests who miss their scheduled time will forfeit their purchase without a refund.

When is the Q&A session?

The question and answer portion of the event will take place during the intermission between our first and second films. 

How do I participate in the Q&A?

Guests can submit their questions at anytime prior to Q&A by clicking here. Questions will be received and moderated prior to being given to our host, Anthony Michael Hall. Please stay friendly and appropriate with your submissions :)  Questions will be queued and asked in the order that they received so please refrain from making too many submissions per person, so that as many guests as possible can participate. 

Do I have to wear a mask?

Guests do not need to wear a mask while inside of their own vehicle, or in our parking lot when 15+ feet away from any other outside party. Guest are required to wear a mask at all times when inside of our venue, or while in line where comfortable physical distancing is not feasible. For those who purchased photos, you may remove your mask for the photo. This policy is in the interest of safety for all in attendance, including our celebrity guests and team members. Failure or refusal to follow our safety policies will not be tolerated, and will result in immediate removal from the event without a refund. 

Have another question not answered here?

Flag down any of our friendly EVO® team-members, or give us a call at  (512) 523-9009

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