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Upon parking your vehicle, a team-member will place a number on your window. This number indicates your parking space & will let our runners know where to bring your order. For the sake of this example, we'll use "D005" as our car number


After selecting all of your desired food & beverage items on our mobile interface, select "order now" from the blue menu bar on the bottom of your device. 


Select the "delivery" option, and enter "Schertz, TX" in the address bar. This will display new options, including a section titled "Delivery Instructions". Select the "Delivery Instructions" section, and enter your car number. There is no need to enter any additional information other than your car number. 


After entering your car number in the "delivery instructions" section, select continue and follow all prompts to complete

payment and place your order. 


Once your order is placed, our team will take it from there! Once your order is ready, a runner will deliver your food to the side of your vehicle. In order to reduce risk of unnecessary contact, please do not open your door to retrieve your order until your runner is outside of 10ft from your vehicle.

Your order should arrive within 30 minutes. If your order does not arrive, please contact us at  (210) 764-6986 or

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